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Origin of God

Origin of God

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By Dr. Sol Adoni

From Occultius Publishing

Fall 2015 Release Date


Dr. Sol Adoni is considered a true genius by many due to all the new math and physics theories he has released that has earned him a myriad of Honorary Doctorates.

In the ORIGIN OF GOD, Dr. Adoni REVEALS the TRUE ORIGIN of GOD in man’s theolgy. Already many are claiming this book will be to Theology what Darwin’s Origin of Species was to Science.

Dr. Adoni PROVES the oldest books in the Bible (The Five books of Moses or Torah) are not Hebrew or Jewish at all. They are phonetic Sumerian, the oldest known written language on earth. Also, the correct translation shows the words are the earliest known example of the Egyptian Book of the DEAD. Can it be, the Egyptians copied their Book of the Dead from an earlier civilization? That of the Sumerians.

This book will SHOCK YOU. It PROVES the first five books of the Bible, or the Torah (Books of Moses) are really Sumerian and the earliest known example of the Egyptian BOOK OF THE DEAD. The FACT that the original texts of the Bible use PHONETIC SUMERIAN is PROVEN by Dr. Adoni who has a doctorate in ancient languages.

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